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Digital Image Processing 3rd Edition Torrent starder

digital image processing 3rd edition torrent

digital image processing 3rd edition torrent

Digital Image Processing (3rd Edition) [PDF]Image copyright Getty Images Christmas is less than two weeks away and in the UK, we're all buzzing with the excitement of shopping for gifts and hosting friends for dinner. But what if we're in Scotland or another part of the UK and you're shopping for an unwanted present? That can be difficult, because Christmas boxes - also known as gift boxes - are not legally required to list their contents, unlike a Christmas card which must disclose the value of the present. You may be surprised to know that every year, thousands of unwanted presents are sent to charities for recycling - including the Green Good Samaritans charity. But it's not all been plain sailing. "I think it's such a shame. It's such a wasted opportunity for a charity to get a gift," says Emma Hines from the Green Good Samaritans charity. Emma says it's not just because the items are not being used, but also because it's a shame that the person who bought the present, often a child, does not enjoy it themselves. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Most Christmas boxes don't have to be wrapped And she says that, on average, her charity receives 1,200 unwanted Christmas boxes in the lead up to Christmas. Why are they not being recycled? A lot of people get them from online sites like eBay - because they're cheap and often people don't realise that there are environmental costs to buying online. "We do try to encourage people to do their research online, but people don't always do that," Emma says. "Sometimes they get a box, put it on the bedside table, it gets put in the wardrobe and it gets forgotten about." And Emma says that the problem isn't just in the UK, but around the world. One of her partners in Green Good Samaritans is based in a country in South America which is relatively poor. "Somebody's birthday comes around, they want to give a gift. A friend has told them that the Green Good Samaritans can take the box and turn it into a little basket that's useful. But she didn't know what's in it." If the box doesn't come from an online store, then Emma and her colleagues try to find out more details about the gift. "It's the same with people who buy a Christmas tree from a retailer and people

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